Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 PS5


Exclusive to PS5, introduce your enemies to an all-new level of pain with the Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 Elite Edition, which arrives with the following next-gen enhancements:

– Dualsense Adaptive Triggers – Provides each weapon with its own distinct feeling
– Haptic Feedback – Feel every bullet like never before
– SSD Loading Times – Get back in the action faster than ever
– Upgraded textures & visuals – For the most immersive experience yet
– 4k Resolution – Choose between Visual Mode (4k, 30fps) or Performance Mode (2K, 60 fps)

The Elite Edition also includes the brand new major expansion, Butcher Banquet, in addition to a free copy of the ‘Crossbow Carnage’ DLC pack, containing:

– Silent Hunter Crossbow – compatible with three different types of ammo, including the spectacular explosive bolt, no self-respecting assassin is complete without it
– Model 550 TRV Sniper Rifle – light and nimble, this weapon is quick to aim and even quicker to fire
– Mad Sheriff 9 Revolver – it’s a revolver… but has dreams of being a shotgun, with the ability to shoot both bullets and buckshots at unsuspecting foes
– Car K8 Assault Rifle – enjoy steady recoil in full automatic mode. Ahhh yeahhh.
– Zeb-bruh Weapon Skin – Because stripes never go out of fashion

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