Porodo Dual Port Multi-Device Wall Charger (Integrated Wall Charger)


About This Item

Introducing the Porodo Dual Port Multi-Device Wall Charger – an innovative solution designed to keep all your devices powered. This high-performing charger features a USB-C output of 20W and a sharing output of 15W, allowing for simultaneous efficient and speedy charging of multiple devices.

But that’s not all. The charger also includes an integrated watch charger with a wireless output of 2.5W. This unique feature ensures that your smartphones and tablets stay charged and your smartwatch remains powered up and ready to go.

Boasting a fast charging capability significantly reduces the time you spend tethered to an outlet. Meanwhile, the wireless smartwatch charger adds a layer of convenience, eliminating the need for additional cords or adapters.

The Porodo Dual Port Multi-Device Wall Charger is a versatile and convenient power solution that adapts to your lifestyle, ensuring your devices are always powered up when you need them most.


  • Sharing Output: 15W
  • Plug: UK 3 Pin
  • Wireless Output: 2.5W
  • USB-C Output: 20W
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